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Piano Duo
Lars Keitel/Thomas Herrmann

Lars Keitel und Thomas Herrmann diskutieren“Both pianists excelled in their mastery of the instrument and received rapturous applause from the enthusiastic audience.” (Frankfurter Neue Presse)
“Lars Keitel and Thomas Herrmann performed a wonderful and startling four-handed piano concerto, nowadays a rare highlight.” (Witte Weekblad)

In the year 2000 the two pianists, who met during their studies at the Academy for Musical Art in Darmstadt, started their own piano duo. Ever since they have successfully performed classical concert programmes of a high standard with originality and a sense of humour both in Germany and abroad.

The piano duo’s repertoire is very diverse and includes not only standard works of music for four hands, but also largely unknown pieces such as “Une aventure de Babar” by Pierre Vellones.

Lars Keitel and Thomas Herrmann, however, do not focus entirely on four-handed piano pieces, but also play concerts for two pianos and orchestra.

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